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Horandy 165gr Full Boar

I've seen these advertised, but, never had a chance to run them through the chronograph to see what they do.  They're using their GMX bullets, which like the Barnes TTSX, are a non-lead solid copper (or copper alloy) which makes for a deeper penetrating bullet, with greater weight retention after impact.  Given the name, it's only reasonable to assume they're marketed specifically for hogs.

I shot 5 rounds from an Armalite TAC 18.

Hornady is stating the following data:
Muzzle - 2,610fps / 2,495 ft-lbs
100yds - 2,415fps / 2,137 ft-lbs

I averaged 2,531fps, which was nearly 100fps under their numbers.  I don't doubt their numbers, since I'm nearly certain they were using a far longer barrel, and I have no clue as to the environmental factors were at play during their testing.  On top of that, the Doppler radar they use for testing, is far superior to mine or anything I could ever afford.

They didn't group worth a darn out of my gun, though...  Good enough for hog, I guess.  

165gr Hornady Full Boar