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165gr Nosler Partition

I decided to see just how good of a load it would be if I just went with what Nosler said was their "Most Accurate".

According to Nosler, this should get me 2,698fps.

Now, granted...  Their data was extrapolated using Nosler brass, Federal 210M primers, and being shot out of a 24" Lija barrel, presumably out of a bolt gun.
I was using Federal brass, CCI BR2 primers, and shooting out of my 18" AR10 gas gun, so, I didn't expect anything even close to their numbers.

I gotta say, I was kinda impressed at just how close I WAS able to get to their load data.  I was within 44fps of what their published data was, and using a shorter barrel.  I've worked with loads using BL-C2 that was over this data, so, I felt comfortable loading directly up to their max.
I wasn't just overly impressed with the accuracy (target is below the data), but it would work fine for hogs.  They were all within about 6" @100yds.  I'm sure I could play with the COAL and powder a little to get the groupings smaller, but, honestly, I probably won't play much more with this.  I've got better groups with other loads that should work as well as or better than the this for some penetrating hog stompers.

Again, all I really wanted to do with this, was to see how close Nosler published data was to my real world scenario...  and get out to the range and play...

Here's the data 

165gr Nosler Partition

Target -