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168gn Barnes TTSX

Shot with an Armalite TAC 18
18" barrel
LC 12 brass

I used 43.5gn of Varget for 2 reasons.  The grouping was a little tighter than loading it with higher charges...  And, the TTSX is a LONG bullet, and Varget tends to get pretty crunchy above 43.5gn.  When loading the test rounds initially, I was having issues getting a consistent COAL with 44gn and above, likely due to the powder causing seating issues with the long bullet.  At the time I tested the accuracy, I didn't have a working chronograph, so I didn't get any data from these.
If I stay with Varget, I'll work a load up below and above 43.5gn with .2gn increments.

Here's a 20 shot string I did finally was able to do with the 43.5gn of Varget.